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RMC Screening Packages

We believe that prevention is the best way we can promote health maintenance, and this is our goal. In order to achieve this, our clinic's specialists have worked out a complex screening program based that include the necessary tests for each age and sex.

Services for expectant mothers

Expectant mothers are received by a team working in close cooperation that represents cutting-edge medicine and is attentive to both the parents and the baby throughout the entire pregnancy. Our services are set up so that expectant mothers can find everything they might need during their pregnancy with us, and to make the pregnancy easier. Our aim is for our expectant mothers to receive professional-standard care, and for them to experience tension-free, joyful months leading up to their child’s arrival.

Services for Mom & Baby

Services for Mom & Baby

Women pay much attention to preparing for pregnancy, then they do everything possible to do the best for their babies during those 9 months. But unfortunately, after the birth many women forget about how important their own recovery is, and they concentrate only on the baby, which is not good. Attention must be paid to both physical and psychological regeneration, and our experts help with this.

Surgical Procedures

Only the operation itself takes place in RMC’s operating room; the patient can spend the recovery time in their own home. The operating doctor and anesthesiologist (if necessary) consult with the patient prior to the procedure, and also carry out pre-operative tests (lab tests, EKG etc. as determined by the treating physician). Following the operation, the patient stays for observation for a minimum of three hours (or more depending on the operation) in our comfortable recliners. If we find no sign of any complication, we release the patient to go home on the day of the surgery. The postsurgical checkup examination and, if needed, wound dressing, take place according to the doctor’s instructions.

Health and beauty

Health and beauty are always very closely linked. Healthy hair and skin improve our appearance, and the condition of our bodies and teeth essentially define how people see us. Yet sometimes we want more: silkier hair, smoother skin and a more slender body. Even if we just want to look better, it is a good idea to ask for medical assistance to ensure the desired results are achieved safely, effectively and without risking our health. You will find a wide range of treatments at our clinic, where our doctors always strive to provide the best possible service to help our patients become more beautiful than ever.


We are International Vaccination Center.

We believe that prevention is the best way we can promote health maintenance. Vaccination plays an important role in that. Besides the required shots we recommend optional and travel vaccines. Vaccination includes immunization assessment and counseling if necessary.