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What’s New with the Flu?
2017. October 27.
It’s wet and dreary and influenza season is upon us.  Rózsakert Medical Center’s flu shots have arrived: the time is NOW to protect yourself and your family from this unpleasant and sometimes...
Why you shouldn’t undergo a maternal-fetal medicine screening without a test for preeclampsia
2017. September 18.
Preeclampsia (PE) is a dangerous and common condition which can have serious consequences for both the expectant mother and the baby. At its summer congress, the Fetal Medicine Foundation presented...
Does your baby have phimosis? Here’s how to treat it properly.
2017. September 18.
One of the worries for parents of boys is how to deal with the topic of “wieners”. How should you clean it? When do you need to be careful? Should you pull the foreskin back or not? The uncertainty...