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Dr. Kinga Jókay’s Tips for Keeping Children Healthy and Cheerful during the Covid Pandemic
2021. January 25.
While data suggest children are at lower risk for serious disease caused by COVID 19 than adults, the pandemic is negatively affecting the well-being of those under 18. Our pediatrician, Dr. Kinga...
Post-Covid infection recommendations 2.
2020. December 22.
In our previous blog, we spoke to our specialist in internal medicine, Éva Bajnok, who gave us some advice on what type of screening tests are recommended after someone has recovered from COVID. We...
Post-COVID infection recommendations 1.
2020. December 21.
At RMC, many of our patients have been asking what they should do if they have already been infected with COVID-19 – what to look out for,  and how to gradually return to their normal daily lives. We...