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Lyme Disease: Ticked off
2019. June 21.
After a sunny afternoon in the park, the children are being bathed, when…oh my goodness! find a blood-sucking insect attached to little Suzie’s belly button! Now what? First of all, if the...
Can having a screening help prevent allergies?
2019. June 21.
We know that many diseases and conditions can be prevented by undergoing regular screenings. What about allergies? We asked our allergist, Adrienne Nagy M.D., Ph.D. SHOULD YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY TEST...
Everything you need to know about uterine fibroids
2018. February 07.
Uterine fibroids (otherwise known as myomas) are the most commonly occurring medical problem in gynecology. Though they are sometimes completely harmless, they frequently cause very uncomfortable...