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Post-Covid infection assessment at RMC

If someone is infected with the coronavirus, they may experience some residual symptoms and complications even after they have recovered. The effects of the virus can also negatively impact any chronic underlying diseases, as well as your general sense of well-being. For keen amateur athletes, the question of when to begin doing sports again and with what intensity is also an important issue. In light of the above, attending a post-coronavirus assessment is highly recommended. The RMC medical team is available to provide these examinations for our patients.


When should you undergo a screening examination?

  • Six weeks after the beginning of your illness, or four weeks after your symptoms have passed.


Who should undergo an examination?

Internal medicine screening examination:

Comprehensive internal medicine consultation, peak flow (lung capacity) measurement, ECG examination, laboratory examinations, formulation of any recommendations for necessary further specialist or laboratory tests based on the individual case.

Recommended for everyone.

Cardiology consultation, cardiology ultrasound


  • For patients aged 40 and above
  • For people who suffered a prolonged illness.
  • For people who belong to cardiovascular risk groups
  • For amateur athletes who exercise intensively. (For professional athletes, a sports doctor will decide which examinations are necessary.)

Specialist consultation with a diabetologist, endocrinologist, hematologist or other doctor, depending on the underlying disease.

A consultation with the relevant specialist for patients with an underlying disease or condition.

Psychological, psychiatric consultation.

According to need


What kind of symptoms might you experience after a coronavirus infection? 

Patients may experience any of the following long-term symptoms in the next one to two months following their illness:

  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
  • coughing
  • joint pain
  • chest pain

Less commonly, you might also experience also muscle ache, headaches, palpitations or a more rapid heartbeat, persistent loss of taste and smell, problems with REM sleep and concentration, dizziness, rashes and hair loss.

The coronavirus can also affect chronic underlying diseases. It can be particularly significant if you suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

If you are not sure if you have been infected or not but you have experienced the symptoms listed above, we recommend that you undergo a serology test.


Prices of suggested examinations:

  • RMC screening package (depending on gender and age)
    • Annual chekup (men: 19-49): HUF 113,800
    • Annual chekup (men: 50+): HUF 134,900
    • Annual chekup (women: 19-49): HUF 113,800
    • Annual chekup (women: 50+): HUF 126,800
  • Cardiological consultation and a test: HUF 72,000
  • Expanded exam - depending on the underlying disease (eg. with diabetologist, endocrinologist, hematologist): HUF 57,100
  • Psychological consultation (50 min.): HUF 35,700