Ildikó Baky | Rózsakert Medical Center

Ildikó Baky

Pediatric Psychologist

Dr Baky completed a degree in psychology (Lóránd Eötvös University, 1994), then gaining another in children clinical psychology (1997, Imre Hajnal Graduate Medical University) in Budapest alongside theoretical and practical experience in Vienna (Universität Wien, Allgemeine Krankenhaus Wien).

Dr Baky first worked in the 10th district of Budapest as an educational consultant, then as a member of the nursery and school psychologist network. Her main area of expertise is the treatment  of neurotic problems occurring in childhood and leading family consultations. Her working method consists of analytical-orientated psychotherapy and play therapy; she uses relaxation and meditation and self-knowledge through psychodrama methodologies to guide children’s groups.

Due to her interest in organizational psychology, Dr Baky completed an MBA in 2003 (Corvinus University of Budapest/London Business School).

In 2007 Dr Baky also obtained a qualification as a management coach, and is a founding member of the Hungarian Coaching Psychology Association.

She has experience in providing consultations in both English and German.

In her free time, Dr Baky does a lot of sport, and likes swimming, cycling and walking.

Consulting hours: 
13:00 - 15:00