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Occupational Medicine

Due to the current epidemic, our occupational healthcare department is temporarily closed.

It is legally mandated that employers must take care of their employees by providing them with occupational health service. We believe this has as important role beyond the legislation. It pays off if we take care of our employees’ health, as they work more efficiently and are more balanced and happy.

In addition to ensuring that employees are suitable both personally and professionally,  occupational health care is also preventive, as it helps to screen for work-related and other diseases.

In cooperation with the employer, our occupational medicine specialist provides the special work-related medical tasks determined by the Hungarian Labor Law, performs the pre-employment physical examinations to assess ability of employees to perform required tasks, participates in creating prevention strategies and helps to detect work-related diseases and causes of work accidents.

What does an occupational medicine examination, assessment include?

  • Internal medicine examination (blood pressure, pulse, weight measurement, patient history, risk factors)
  • Visual acuity testing, color vision testing
  • Psychological testing (employees have to fill in a work psychology questionnaire to fulfill the regulations related to workers exposed to increased psychological pressure)
  • Neurological testing – with focus on musculoskeletal, organic nervous, or psychiatric complaints and symptoms
  • Certification of the risk assessment document
  • Conducting hygiene inspection and documentation
  • Checking first aid facility. Organizing first aid course with exam on demand.
  • Other examinations determined by law or the company.

It is useful and easy to follow through if the occupational examinations of the employees are performed almost at the same time. We perform the examinations in our office or on-site.

Our doctors:

Harmos Andrea
Occupational Medicine Specialist
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