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We are able to provide comprehensive care for patients online, including discussing test results, writing e-prescriptions and providing consultations and medical advice. For examinations, we are able to receive patients face-to-face.

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Nephrology, or renal medicine, is a specialty that concerns itself with kidney function and dysfunction, and is a specialty belonging to internal medicine. Kidney disease requiring a surgical solution, diseases of urinary tract, and the male reproductive system disease are areas covered by the urology specialty.

The main tasks of the kidneys are: excreting toxins, ions and fluid; striving to maintain the correct acid-base balance in the body; participating in the regulation of blood pressure; being responsible for blood production; influencing bone metabolism; and playing a role in glucose regulation. 

When should you contact a nephrologist?

  • If you experience acute deterioration of kidney function or renal failure
  • If you have chronic renal failure
  • If you have a high serum potassium level
  • If you have protein and / or blood in the urine
  • If you have fluid retention (edema) or reduced urine volume
  • If you are looking for the reason for or symptoms of high blood pressure (especially if renal function is impaired or if there is a possibility of renal artery stenosis)
  • If you are diabetic, if there is detectable protein excretion and/or deterioration of kidney function
  • In order to test for and treat urinary tract infections (especially if recurring), or pyelonephritis (renal pelvis inflammation)
  • If you have an immune disease in which the kidneys are affected (e.g. lupus – SLE)
  • If you have an inherited renal disease (e.g. polycystic kidney disease)

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Internist, Nephrologist, Transplant specialist
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