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Complementary Medicine

When working towards patients’ healing, RMC uses natural methods of examinations and treatments in addition to Western-style traditional treatment. The perspective of complementary medicine is to treat the person as a whole - on the physical, mental and spiritual level - in order to restore the balance of the body and to treat it. The advantage of complementary medicine is that it activates the body’s self-healing process while also investigating the causes behind symptoms and treatment.

When should you turn to a complementary practitioner?

  • Prevention
  • Functional diseases: persistent, unreasonable fatigue, sleeping problems, digestive problems, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears etc.
  • Acute and chronic diseases:
    • Allergic diseases: asthma, eczema, food allergy, hay fever, etc.
    • Metabolic diseases: diabetes, arthritis, etc.
    • Bowel diseases: ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease
    • Pain diseases: headache, migraine, various kinds of pain in the body
    • Functional gastrointestinal diseases (irritable bowel)
    • Chronic upper respiratory diseases
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Rheumatic diseases, chronic polyarthritis, fibromyalgia, spinal and joint diseases
    • Cardiovascular diseases etc.

Examinations, services available in our office:

  • Vega-Check diagnostic test: This test is a status evaluation of the entire body, from head to toe, body and psyche using an electrophysiological, regulative method. The procedure is complementary medicine’s basic diagnostic method.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is categorized as a stimulation therapy. On the surface of the body, along the paths of the meridians are the acupuncture points, which are treated in various point-combinations using needles, following a diagnosis based on traditional Chinese medicine. Using the acupuncture needles, energy blockages can be released, allowing the necessary life energy, the chi, to again flow freely.  The positive result of this is that the patient’s symptoms improve and disappear.
  • Biological tumor therapy: Biological treatment of cancers – that is, using complementary medicine – has become an accepted supplement to surgical intervention, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. Using biological tumor therapy, a better quality of life, significant reduction of side effects, and increased effectiveness of oncological treatments can be achieved. Biological tumor therapy fulfills a therapeutic need with these positive results.
  • Bioresonance Therapy (BRT): Bioresonance therapy is concerned with measurement for diagnostic purposes of the vibrations produced by the human body, and therapeutic transformation of them. The basis for the method begins with the physical fact that the human body, just as any living creature and material (medicines, toxins, allergens, etc.) produces and emits its own characteristic electromagnetic waves, and these are measurable.
  • Intravenous Infusions, Injections: The aim of specially compiled intravenous and injectable treatments is health maintenance or restoration, and reduction of risk factors. The advantage of intravenous and injected therapies is that by bypassing the gastrointestinal system, the effects of medications can be faster and more intensive, with virtually no loss of active ingredients.
  • Microbiological Therapy: The aim of microbiological therapy is long-term and permanent restoration of intestinal flora by targeted supplementation of the microbes that make up the healthy flora of the small and large intestines. Treatment to restore physiological intestinal flora is of essential importance in maintaining health and recovering from various diseases, as a supplement to other therapies.
  • Neural Therapy: Neural therapy is an injection therapy using anesthetic injections at various points on the body and on acupuncture meridians. This active ingredient has an analgesic and muscle-relaxing effect. The effect of the injection is immediate and leads to instantaneous relaxation of cramped, tightened muscles, significant pain relief or complete elimination of pain.
  • Preventive Medicine: During the targeted early checkup test we have the opportunity to identify functional disorders in the body at a very early stage, and in subsequent treatment we can prevent diseases from developing, or treat them in time. Preventive tests are especially of great significance in determining the reasons for functional disorders,  deficiencies, fatigue of unknown origin, and pain that may lead to disease.
  • Orthomolecular Medicine: In orthomolecular therapy, we give the system the right amount of vitamins in the form of nutrition supplements. Orthomolecular medicine uses only such materials as are present both in food and our bodies, but that our bodies are not able to produce independently, so they must be given in the needed amount from an external source.

Complementary medicine is a term used to describe healthcare practices which, rather than being evidence-based, are founded on observation and tradition. In many cases the techniques applied in the field of complementary medicine are not supported by valid scientific experiments. Complementary medical treatments do not replace, but instead supplement typical Western, evidence-based medical diagnosis and treatments. 

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