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Surgical Procedures

Hernia repair: If any of the viscera, abdominal organs or parts of organs move from their normal anatomic position to protrude or lean forward through a congenital or acquired opening, this is what we call a hernia.  They can occur in any area of the abdominal wall, but the most common area is the groin. Hernias can be eliminated in a same-day surgery under general or local anesthetic.

Circumcision: From a health standpoint, the foreskin of the penis has several functions. The foreskin protects the glans from drying out, and also plays a role in developing sexual stimuli. The surgery may be recommended for therapeutic purposes in the case of, for example, inflammation of the foreskin, recurring urinary tract infections, recurring condyloma, or HPV infection.

Circumcision can also be performed for cultural reasons, from newborn age. A pediatric surgeon performs the surgery on children, while a urologist performs the surgery on adults, under local or general anesthesia.

Removal of growths: Any growth can be removed by a surgeon or plastic surgeon, either on the recommendation of a doctor, or even if it causes no problems. These are typically birthmarks, fatty lumps, and ganglia.

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