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Fluoride treatment

The aim of fluoride treatments for children is to protect the newly erupted back teeth (molars) from decay. At this age, dental hygiene is still not necessarily good and thorough, so this is a way to protect the surface of the teeth. In adults, it strengthens worn tooth necks that are too sensitive or more prone to decay.

We have available in our dental center toothpastes and remineralizing materials developed for at-home use, the proper use of which our dentists will explain.  We also have high fluoride content gels, pastes, and polishes that can be used for a beneficial protective effect on teeth during in-office treatment.

The pastes not only supplement lost minerals in the teeth, they also improve the protective properties of the saliva with immediate effect, and eliminate tooth sensitivity. They have a mineralizing effect, so they are recommended for use before and after teeth whitening and tartar removal, and for prevention, as well as when wearing an orthodontic appliance or after having it removed. Polishes are for reducing sensitivity in the tooth neck area and the edges of crowns, and are also recommended for reducing sensitivity after professional tooth cleaning and tartar removal.  They can also help with sensitivity following any tooth enamel injury (break, chipped tooth).