Cfast fogszabályozás

CFast, ultra-fast braces

CFast cosmetic braces discreetly and quickly produce a perfect, straight, beautiful smile in as little as four months. The transparent brackets and white fastenings exert a gentle, constant pressure to adjust the position of the teeth in the smile zone. Crowded teeth are aligned and gapped teeth are brought together to leave you with a perfect smile.

How does CFast work?

CFast braces are tailor-made, digitally shaped and designed to exert subtle, pain-free pressure against your teeth’s front surface, thus protecting the health of the teeth. Their presence is barely noticeable, so your everyday life remains unaffected for the few months they are worn.

Because CFast braces are not designed to change the patient’s bite or chewing action, they are easy to get used to. They are also superior to conventional braces in that they are completely pain-free, they don’t require removal of any teeth and produce a beautiful smile in as little as four to six months.

Contrary to popular belief, experience has shown us that braces for adults are generally either ineffective or take too long to produce results. By contrast, CFast braces are suitable for patients of any age and achieve the desired effect in a short period of time.

Orthodontic process

  • Dr Melinda Csapó, our registered CFast dentist, takes an imprint of your teeth and prepares photographic documentation to make sure that CFast braces are right for you. Treatment can only begin if the CFast system is appropriate for your teeth.
  • Before treatment begins, a SmileTru virtual 3D plan is created to establish the desired final result so you can see how CFast will perfect your smile.
  • The tailor-made finished braces are adjusted eight weeks after the initial fitting. They exert constant pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position.

Professionals who work with CFast braces must complete a special training course to ensure they are able to offer the highest level of care.


Csapó Melinda

Melinda Csapó D.M.D.

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