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Below is a compilation of useful information that you may need before using our services. Groups of questions can be opened by clicking on the arrow at the end of individual lines, which will open a pull-down window.

Our new patients can find information about how to make an appointment, paperwork procedures prior to the visit, locations of specialists’ offices, and parking. In the second menu option we give answers to some frequently asked questions about our health care, such as requesting prescriptions for regularly taken medications, and after-hours care. Some tests require patients to prepare ahead of time, which we always explain when the appointment is made, but are also including here, in the third block.

For our new patients

Making an appointment

Our services are available to you at pre-arranged appointment times, which you can request by the following means:

  • During our opening hours, by phone at +36 1 392 0505 (after hours you will reach our on-duty doctor at this number, who will not be able to help with giving you an appointment)
  • On our website through the online appointment request module
  • In person in our office, at the reception desk
  • By email at

Paperwork before the visit

We send our new patients the necessary paperwork (service contract, medical history form, etc.) ahead of time. We ask that you read these prior to your appointment, and if possible, fill them out. This is very helpful because it significantly reduces the time spent with paperwork prior to your visit. Of course, if you would like to fill out your documents in the office, that’s also possible, but we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time begins so that we can use your entire appointment time focusing on caring for your health..

Locations of specialists’ offices

Our clinic consists of several units that are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Rózsakert Shopping Center.

Most of our specialists’ offices can be found on the 3rd floor, which is occupied only by our offices. It is completely separate from the shopping center’s customer area, so our patients can reach it using the side staircase or the elevator, as there is no escalator leading there. After our office hours the elevators will not take you up to our floor, so if you come to our office for on-duty care, please get off the elevator on the 2nd floor and walk up to the 3rd floor using the side staircase, where our on-duty doctor will let you in. (For after-hours care, you must make arrangements with our on-duty doctor using our main telephone number, because they only come to the office for pre-arranged times.)

In our unit on the 2nd floor of the shopping center next to the elevator you can find our pediatric psychology, pediatric psychiatry, therapeutic massage, and pelvic floor exercise offices, our auditory testing office, and our main office. There is no separate reception desk there, so we ask that you sign in on the 3rd floor, where our doctor or other professional will meet you, and accompany you downstairs for your visit.

If you turn to the left after arriving to the 2nd floor on the escalator, you will see at the end of the corridor our 200 square-meter unit with its own reception desk.  This is the location of our dental center, RMC DentArt, as well as specialists’ offices for natural medicine.

Arriving at the office

When you arrive for your appointment at our office, we ask that you sign in at the reception desk. In order for examinations to progress smoothly, it is important that you arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may need to wait or make a new appointment.

Cancelling an appointment

Please note that if you would like to cancel an appointment, it is possible to do so without charge at least 6 hours prior to the appointment, during office hours. If you do not come for your appointment or do not cancel it in time, we have a 6000 HUF availability (no-show) fee. Please indicate your intention to cancel by telephone, if possible.

Supplementary examinations

Please note that if your doctor finds additional examinations necessary in addition to the basic one (e.g.: lab tests, x-rays, ultrasound, procedures, additional specialist consultations), those are performed for an additional fee. Patients can find information about the fees for supplementary examinations during their visit at the reception desk, or on our web page.

What should you bring?

Please always have your personal id card, address card, Hungarian insurance card (for prescriptions), and also bring results from any prior visits that were not at our office, if they relate to the current visit. If needed, our doctors are able to access any earlier medical charts from our office through our own internal health care records, so you do not need to bring those with you.

Information regarding care provided

Prescribing regularly taken medications

We write our patients prescriptions for medications they take on a regular basis without an appointment, provided that one of our doctors prescribed the medication previously, and the patient requests it within the time frame determined in the doctor’s recommendation.  You can indicate your prescription request to our receptionists on our main number, at which time we ask that you indicate whether you would like to pick the prescription up in person, or receive it by mail. We check requests according to our professional protocol, then the specialist writes the prescription.  If there is a professional reason that the request cannot be fulfilled, our nurses will call you to discuss what to do next.

Certain examinations can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation

Certain diagnostic tests can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation, in order to provide our patients with professional and safe care. If you request a test that was not preceded by a visit with an RMC doctor, please bring a written recommendation or medical chart from your general practitioner or treating physician, based on which we can conduct the examination.

Exams that can be conducted with a doctor’s recommendation:

  • Blood and other lab tests
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Chest x-ray
  • EKG


Vaccinations for new patients can only be given during a doctor visit. If you have already been here and are only coming for a vaccination, our assistants will administer the vaccination as part of a nurse visit.

How should you arrive for certain tests?

Blood work

In order to obtain the most precise lab results possible, please note that for empty-stomach blood draws you may not eat for a minimum of 10 hours before your blood draw, but feel free to drink water, tea, and coffee plain (without milk or sugar).If you take any medications, continue them as directed, and you may take medications with water before the blood draw, as well.

An exception is the screening test in the 12th week of pregnancy (which includes a blood draw), for which you do not need to arrive with an empty stomach.  The expectant mother may eat and drink before that blood draw, without any restrictions..

Prick test (allergy test)

For 5 days prior to the test, do not take any antihistamines (allergy medicine) or calcium, and do not use any creams containing steroids.

Lactose/fructose sensitivity test = Lactose/fructose intolerance test

This test requires that you arrive with an empty stomach.  You may not eat, drink, brush teeth, chew gum, or smoke before the test, and you may not take antibiotics for 2 weeks prior to the test. Additionally, you may not take your usual morning medications, only after the test.

Celiac quick test – flour sensitivity quick test

This test requires a drop of blood taken from the tip of the finger.  It does not require an empty stomach or any other preparation.


The best days to have a mammogram are the first 10 days after the monthly period (after the flow has stopped) because any breast swelling or sensitivity is less during those days.

Abdominal ultrasound exam

  • 4 to 6 hours before the test do not eat, and arrive with a full bladder. You may drink and take your medications.
  • With infants, stop feedings an hour before the exam.
  • For gall bladder exams, arrive with an empty stomach. The gall bladder contracts in reaction to fatty foods or coffee and becomes impossible to examine.
  • With kidney exams, the patient may drink water or tea.
  • If there is a suspicion of appendicitis, an empty stomach is not required.

Urology exam

Arrive with a full bladder for urology ultrasounds, uroflowmetry exams, and cystoscopy procedures.

Hysteroscopy (uterus exam), HyCoSy (Fallopian tube exam)

You do not need to arrive with an empty stomach, and no other preparation is required. However, it is important that you schedule the exam to take place during the first half of your cycle, when your monthly period has completely finished.

IUD insertion

If possible, come during your monthly period, because then it is less uncomfortable due to the cervix being in a more open position.

Ophthalmology exam – pupil dilation

It is best to have someone accompany you to this exam, because after the exam you should not drive a car. We recommend that you bring sunglasses because the strong light can bother your eyes.

Endoscopic exams, surgeries

For these services, special preparation is necessary, which our doctors and assistants will discuss with you during the preparatory consultation.

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