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Zsolt Gáti M.D.


Dr Gáti studied medicine at the University of Szeged, before completing a specialization in urology in 2021. Dr Gáti has carried out surgical training in the UK and Mexico. He began his years of residency training in 2015 at the Department of Urology of the Jahn Ferenc South-Pest Hospital, before also working in the 12th District Urology Clinic and then the 13th District Urology Clinic, also in Budapest.

He is actively involved in the annual congress of the Hungarian Association of Urologists, and most recently reported on meningitis following transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy. He regularly gives presentations at events of the Central-European Association of Urology: in 2016 he spoke on penile reconstruction following Fournier gangrene, in 2017 on the first case of Zinner syndrome, and in 2018 on leiomyosarcoma of the epididymis.

Though Dr Gáti has had a little less free time since the birth of his first child, he enjoys running and walking his Corgi dog.

Priority areas: 
Urinary tract stones
Urologic tumors
Prostate diseases
Urological inflammatory diseases
One-day surgery
Dr. Gáti Zsolt
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