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Zsófia Ézsöl M.D.


Though Dr Ézsöl was born in Budapest, she lived abroad for many years for family reasons, completing her medical studies at the University of Udine in 1996. She traveled to Spain under a university scholarship. She worked as a resident internist at the General University Hospital of Alicante, then as a specialist in internal medicine until 2011.

In 2012, she began working at the General University Hospital of Albacete, where she completed specializations in dermatology and dermatological surgery. She then worked in the Dermatology Department of the Cieza County Hospital in the Province of Murcia in Spain, where she was also involved in dermatological surgery, gaining experience in both major and minor surgery. Dr Ézsöl has significant professional experience in tropical diseases. She has attended training courses on several occasions at Manaus Tropical Hospital and the Alfredo da Matta Institute of Tropical Dermatology. Since 2017, she has had a close working relationship with the latter institute. She has also been the leader for Spain in several collaborative dermatology projects in the Amazon and currently works as an advisor in the same area.


Dr Ézsöl has always actively maintained close professional and family relations in Hungary. In 1999, she localized her medical degree at Semmelweis University and passed the Hungarian medical state exam. During her specialization in dermatology, she completed her practical medical training at the Clinic of Dermatology at Semmelweis University in 2014.

In 2020, Dr Ézsöl moved to Budapest with her children for family reasons and has continued her work here.


 In addition to general dermatology, her specialist fields of interest include:

  • Skin oncology: mole screening, early detection of skin tumors, assessment of damage caused by sunlight
  • Bacterial and parasitic skin diseases, tropical skin diseases
  • Psoriasis


Most of her scientific works and reports are concerned with these topics.

Language knowledge: Hungarian, Spanish (both native), Italian (intermediate), Portuguese (intermediate)

In addition to her medical work, Dr Ézsöl particularly enjoys sport and physical exercise. In her spare time she regularly goes swimming and running, as well as hiking with her family. She devotes a lot of time to teaching her children Hungarian.

Consulting hours: 
9:00 - 15:00