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Tamás Svéd, M.D.


Dr. Svéd received his medical degree from Semmelweis Medical University in 2000. Some of his clinical clerkship were completed in the United States and Greece. His Board Certifications include anesthesiology and intensive care.

In 2001 he acquired a degree in Psychology at Eötvös Loránd University.

Prior to receiving his medical degree was employed as a paramedic. After receiving his medical doctorate, he continued to serve as a physician at the National Rescue Service and on the Hungarian Maltese Charity ambulances. At the Hungarian Maltese Charity he also helped develop a catastrophe first responder group. Since 2001he has been working as an anesthesiologist at the recently renamed Péterfy Hospital Trauma Centre, previously known as the National Trauma Institute, and also, for 2 years he has been the leader of the anesthesiology department.

He speaks English and German. In his spare time he gladly partakes in sports, skiing, rowing, snorkeling, and excursions. He loves to travel and to attend the theatre and concerts. He is married and the father of two mischievous boys.

Svéd Tamás
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