Petra Scharek M.D. | Rózsakert Medical Center

Petra Scharek M.D.

Infectious disease specialist

Dr Scharek completed her medical studies at the Semmelweis University in 2003. She began practicing as a doctor at the Szent László Hospital before working at the Honvéd Hospital in Budapest. In 2013, she completed a specialization in infectious disease. Her main area of expertise is vaccinations for adults. Dr Scharek completed a qualification on vaccination in practice in 2013 and a course on travel-related medicine in 2016. In 2017, she completed a specialization in immunology. She also provides advice regarding vaccinations for expectant mothers and adults with weakened immune systems.

Priority areas: 
General vaccination advice for adults
Preparing adults and children for travel abroad (personalized practical advice for vaccinations and preventing the contraction of infectious diseases)
Vaccination advice for adults with weakened immune systems (patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, biological therapy or immunosuppressive therapy)
Vaccination advice for people who are planning a family and expectant mothers
Administering vaccinations
Consulting hours: 
ev. 2nd week 10:00 - 15:00