Péter Vörös M.D. | Rózsakert Medical Center

Péter Vörös M.D.

Pediatric Surgeon

In 1999, Dr Vörös graduated summa cum laude from Semmelweis University. He then completed pediatric surgery training at the Pediatric Surgery Department of the 1st Pediatric Medicine Clinic, where he still works as his primary job. In 2006, he completed a Hungarian specialization, and a European pediatric surgery specialization (UEMS-EBPS) in 2007. In addition to general pediatric surgery, his main fields of expertise include pediatric urology, minimal invasive surgery (laparoscopies, thoracoscopies), the correction of congenital developmental disorders, surgery for newborns and infants, and surgical care for inflammatory bowel disease. He is a member of the European Paediatric Surgeons' Association (EUPSA), as well as the Semmelweis University Pediatric Surgery council. He regularly gives speeches in domestic and international congresses, has taken part in specialist pediatric surgery and pediatric medicine training and further training in Hungary, and offers medical instruction in both Hungarian and English. His studies abroad have taken to him, among other places, France, Sweden and the US. He is scheduled to defend his PhD in autumn 2020.

He speaks Hungarian, English, French and Italian.

Consulting hours: 
every second week 16:30 - 19:30