Péter Csicsenkov, M.D. | Rózsakert Medical Center

Péter Csicsenkov, M.D.


He graduated from Sechenov Medical Academy (Moscow) and Semmelweis Medical School (Budapest).

He became specialist of Urology at St. John’s Hospital (Budapest), where he works currently. In 2007 he has also passed the international specialization of European Board of Urology. In the same year he had a 3-month scholarship in Germany, on the Urological Department of Martin-Luther-Universität (Halle-Wittenberg), where he got practical experiences in urological laparoscopy.

His special interests are up-to-date diagnosis and therapy of superficial bladder cancer, modern therapy of urolithiasis and laparoscopic surgery.  Concerning urolithiasis he got routine in St. John’s Hospital, the first institute where ESWL (lithotripsy) therapy started in the country. Later he spent several weeks at Charing Cross Hospital, London, where he was studying stone surgery. He also has wide experience in the urological abdominal, intravesical and intrarectal ultrasound diagnosis.

He is a regular participant and lecturer at domestic and international medical congresses. He is member of the Hungarian Urological Association, the European Association of Urology and the General Medical Council, as well.

He is fluent in Russian and English.

He is married, he has two sons. His hobbies are diving and photography.

Priority areas: 
Urinary tract stones
Urologic tumors
Prostate diseases
Urological inflammatory diseases
One-day surgery
Laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery
Prolapse surgery
Csicsenkov Péter
Consulting hours: 
16:00 - 20:00