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Nedda Kántor

Clinical Psychologist, Couple and Family Therapist, Adoption Professional

She received her psychology diploma at Eötvös University in 1995. During her studies she also studied psychology at the University of Bristol. She earned her family therapist title in 2008, and her clinical and mental hygiene adult psychologist in 2011.

Besides her qualifications in psychology, She holds an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University. She has worked in business, partly in multinational environment, for eight years. Thus she has a comprehensive understanding of its structure, operations and arising psychological challenges.

As a psychologist she gained significant experiences at the adult psychiatric ward at Hetényi Hospital. In 2008 she has been an intern at the Tündérhegy Psychosomatic and Psychoterapeutic-rehabilation Department at the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation. Between 2006-2011 she worked as an associate at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University.

For years she has been a full-time adoption professional. Used to work in a child educational and psychological center and in a children‘s home, therefore the problems of childhood and adolescence are well known to her. She can make a use of these experiences when working with families.

She uses various techniques and approaches in her therapeutic work. Most of all she is a systems thinker with an analytically oriented background. She also believes in the significance and power of psychoeducation. Having worked as an associate at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University enriched her cognitive therapeutic repertoire.

Proficient both in Hungarian and English. In her spare time she does sports (swimming, pilates/body art, skiing), reads a lot, loves cooking, travelling, hiking and going to the theatre.

Kántor Nedda
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