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Gyula Pánczél, M.D. Ph.D.


Gyula Pánczél was born in 1958. After having graduated as electrical engineer, he attended the Semmelweis University of Medicine and got a "summa cum laude" degree in 1989.

He began his career in the cerebrovascular unit of the psychiatric department of Semmelweis Medical University and got expertise in stroke management and ultrasound examination of the brain-supplying blood vessels.
In 1994 he took a board certification in neurology. That year he began to work for the National Stroke Center where - first in the country, they applied thrombolytic therapy, that aimed to quickly reopen occluded arteries. Beside the management of patients he was the head of the ultrasound (US) laboratory. They diagnosed blood vessel stenosis by US and followed-up these patients and directed them to operation in selected cases.
He began to research brain circulation in 1990, and was a research - fellow in the department of neurology, Klinikum Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, and as a participant of the Asymptomatic carotid stenosis and risk of stroke trial" he took a course in the St. Mary's Hospital, London. He got a PhD degree in the field of brain circulation in 2002.
Between 2006-2014 he is the head of the department of neurology, Péterfy Sándor Hospital, Budapest, from 2014 he directs the dept. of neurology of Flór Ferenc County Hospital. The department has a full-profile of neurology it functions as a center of stroke, multiple sclerosis, headache, movement disorders, back-pain and epilepsy.
He is a board-member of Hungarian Society of Neurosonology, the National Stroke Society and the Hungarian Society of Neurology and member of other medical societies (Pain, Headache etc.).
His wife is also a neurologist, his two sons attend secondary school. He sports in his leisure time (run, ski, kayak).
Pánczél Gyula
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