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György Nádas, M.D.


Dr. Nádas received his medical degree at Semmelweis University Budapest in 1972, where he remained as an attending urologist until 2005. He is well-versed in all areas of urology – should it be diagnostics, pharmacologic or surgical therapy.

Having been experienced by study tours in Japan and Denmark, he bcame a trailblazer in the ultrasonic diagnosis of urologic disorders, the so called interventional, i.e. ultrasound guided procedures on the kidneys.

The diagnostic transrectal ultrasound imaging used as a targeting tool for performing prostate biopsy to verify tumors was a major medical breakthrough as well.

Dr. Nádas, as tutor and mentor, has taken an active part in the education of the next generation of physicians, in both Hungarian and English as well as in the organization of conferences for residents and fellow urologists. He is author of one chapter in a medical textbook (on urological ultrasound), 33 publications and has presented lectures at 57 medical conferences.

Priority areas: 
Urinary tract infections, kidney stones
Prostate diseases
Erectile dysfunction
Urologic tumors
Nádas György
Consulting hours: 
15:00 - 17:00