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Gábor Pósfai M.D.


Dr Pósfai graduated summa cum laude in medicine from Semmelweis University. He began working as a surgeon at the Surgical Department of Szent István Hospital, which at the time operated as the 3rd Semmelweis Surgical Clinic. He completed specializations in surgery and gastroenterology, receiving instruction from prominents experts in the field on basic and advanced techniques for general and abdominal surgery, gastroenterology and endoscopic diagnostics and treatment. He was responsible for training medical students and then medical post-graduates, and has also been the author and co-author of numerous scientific papers.

On a temporary basis, Dr Pósfai has undertaken the management of high-quality nursing homes, directorships and public administration duties, though he never given up his medical work.

Since 2015, he has been working as a surgeon and gastroenterologist at the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital in Budapest. In terms of general and abdominal surgery, Dr Pósfai primarily performs laparoscopic and conventional open surgical treatment for inguinal hernias, the gallbladder, stomach and diseases of the small and large intestine. He also performs outpatient surgical procedures and the removal of skin and subcutaneous nodules following a dermatological diagnosis. In the field of gastroenterology, Dr Pósfai usually performs diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic examinations and procedures. These include colonoscopies, endoscopic polyp removal, tissue sampling and endoscopic gallbladder examinations (ERCP) and procedures (EST, bile duct removal, insertion and removal of biliary stents etc.). When treating patients, Dr Pósfai is always able to advise his patient of the most effective therapeutic and gastroenterological treatment options and options available to them, due to his proficiency in both areas. For patients with gastrointestinal and biliary disorders that require surgery, Dr Pósfai is able to handle the entire process of examination, treatment and follow-up, from diagnosis and surgery to post-operative control. In terms of colo-proctological care, he deals with the treatment of rectal diseases, especially hemorrhoids, and rectal fibrillation.

Priority areas: 
General and abdominal surgery
Treatment of inguinal and abdominal hernias, laparoscopic and conventional surgery
Endoscopic, laparoscopic and conventional surgical treatment of gallstones and biliary tract diseases
Endoscopic diagnosis, treatment, laparoscopic or conventional surgical treatment of gastrointestinal cancers and non-cancerous diseases or conditions
Colo-proctological care
Outpatient surgical operations
Consulting hours: 
17:00 - 20:00
16:00 - 20:00