Éva Sándor

Clinical psychologist

Éva Sándor completed her degree in psychology from the University of Debrecen in 1990 and has been employed in the profession ever since. She worked for more than two years in a psychiatric clinic before moving to the Hungarian National Medical Rehabilitation Center in Budapest. In addition to her medical work, she also offers clinical practice for students who completing a specialization in neuropsychology.

Her main specialist areas are psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy, combining elements of analytically oriented, exploratory therapy and behavioral therapy. In her applied methodology, She has received autogenic training in the Relaxation Work Group of the Hungarian Society of Psychiatrists. She also has a psychotherapist qualification in clinical practice from the Hungarian Behavioral Science and Cognitive Therapeutic Association and a specialization in clinical psychology practice. She completed her dynamic perspective psychotherapy practice at the Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy Department of the Tündérhegy National Medical Rehabilitation Institute. She provides care for people of all ages and social backgrounds.

In her free time, Éva enjoys doing sport (cycling, swimming) and travelling. She is also a big animal lover.

She only provides care in the Hungarian language.


Priority areas: 
Assisting patients who suffer from anxiety, phobias, mood or compulsive disorders
Assisting people experiencing a crisis related to a specific life situation: bereavement, divorce, significant life changes or important decisions
Assisting people suffering from self-esteem issues
Assisting sufferers of emotional conflicts and anger issues
Consulting hours: 
15:00 - 20:00