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Emese Eszter Kudron


Emese achieved the top grade at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Semmelweis University, earning a distinction for her two years of scientific work. She also received a two-year Republic Fellowship. She was also awarded second place in 2015 and first place in 2016 for her coursework at the Hungarian National Scientific Student Conference.

In her first workplace as a nutrition therapist at the Intensive Care Department of the National Korányi Institute of TB and Pulmonology, Emese worked with patients undergoing surgery, providing dietary treatment before and after surgery, as well as during the healing process and rehabilitation.

Since 2013, Emese has worked as a camp helper and dietician at Bátor Tábor, helping chronically ill children attending the holiday camp through adventure therapy. Since 2016, she has helped youth and adult competitive athletes to identify the best diet to maximize their performance. She is a member of the Hungarian Dietetic Association, the Hungarian Society of Clinical Nutrition and the Hungarian Society of Diabetology. Emese regularly attends scientific conferences to expand her professional knowledge and frequently holds talks at various events.

Areas of expertise: diet in relation to surgery, dietary treatment for diabetics with medical nutrition therapy, sports nutrition, food allergies and intolerances. Emese also has experience educating young children and teenagers.

Emese has been interested in healing and a healthy lifestyle since childhood and feels very lucky that she is able to help others develop and deepen their knowledge of good eating habits, and correct problems in their diet. She speaks English to an advanced standard.

Kudron Emese
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15:00 - 19:00