Csongor Lengyel, M.D.

ENT Specialist

He completed his studies at Debrecen Medical University in 2001. During his university years he developed his knowledge further with scholarships in Spain and Sudan, during his residency he received a Leonardo scholarship which he spent in Portugal. He began practicing medicine at the András Jósa Teaching Hospital in Nyíregyháza and has worked at the National Oncological Institute in Budapest since 2007, and from June 2010 as an assistant professor, later as a voluntary helper.

He takes continuing medical education (CME) seriously, he passed the European Board Examination in Otorhinolaryngology-HNS (EBORL-HNS) in 2010 and the ESMO Examination for Medical Oncologists in 2018. He is a member of the European Cancer and Therapy Organization (EORTC) head-neck cancer working group. He has detailed experience in molecular oncology, and has been a member of a daily molecular tumor board for 6 years. He has won several scholarships (EUFOS, ERS) and recently been awarded the EORTC Head and Neck Young Investigators fellowship (2018).

He enjoys gardening in his spare time or hiking through the untouched nature.

Priority areas: 
Ear disorders, tinnitus
Head and neck surgery
Precision oncology of every type of cancer
Nasal breathing disorders in childhood
Lengyel Csongor
Consulting hours: 
On sabbatical leave.