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Claudia Paár D.D.


Dr Claudia Paár completed her dental studies at Semmelweis University. After graduating in 2019, she is currently taking a specialization in periodontology and completing her residency training at the Semmelweis Periodontology Clinic. The fact that the field of periodontology is so closely connected to general medicine played a decisive role in her choice of specialization, with periodontal disease linked to many key areas of health.

For Dr Paár, it is important to establish a personal rapport with her patients, especially given that the need for regular check-ups means that the doctor-patient relationship does not end when an individual treatment is completed. Dr Paár believes that good teamwork is essential if you want to treat periodontal disease effectively: the success of the treatment depends not only on the dentist, but also on the level of dental hygiene practiced at home by the patient. With this in mind, Dr Paár naturally endeavours to provide her patients with all the tools and advice that they need.

Dr. Paár Claudia
Consulting hours: 
16:00 - 20:00