Adél Rácz M.D. | Rózsakert Medical Center

Adél Rácz M.D.

Alternative medicine therapist

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University, before completing a specialization in rheumatology.

Learning from outstanding teachers, she completed her specialist examination in natural medicine, before later passing the reflexology examination with honors. She believes that the appropriate combination of western medicine and reflexology can improve the lives of many people.

Due to the increased number of patients with gynecological conditions in recent years, she has put infertility problems and complaints caused by endometrosis at the heart of her reflexology activity, as well as supplementary, alternative treatment for pre-menstrual tension (PMS). The combined application of western medicine and reflexology produces balance of the mind and body, as a result of which the gynecological complaints mentioned may ease or disappear.

She is looking forward to welcoming those mothers-to-be who are having difficulty conceiving.

She is currently only accepting Hungarian patients.

Priority areas: 
Endometriosis symptoms
Fertility problems
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Reflexology for Menopause Symptoms
Consulting hours: 
On sabbatical leave