Dear Patients,

We are still open during the current epidemic and are receiving patients! Our epidemiological service procedure ensures the highest possible level of safety.

It was developed by our expert team of infectious disease specialists, internists, pediatricians and dentists. During the epidemic, our stated objective is to provide the highest standard of outpatient care and one-day surgery to as many people as possible. We will not leave our patients on their own in this situation. They can still count on our assistance for professional medical care with the highest possible level of safety.

How do we provide safe healthcare through online and face-to-face consultations?

  • For internal medicine and pediatric medicine, the initial consultation can only take place online.
  • For every other specialty, whenever possible we will provide comprehensive treatment online. This means that often it is not necessary to have a face-to-face consultation.
  • In all specialties other than internal and pediatric medicine, we will only offer face-to-face visits in the following circumstances (all criteria must be met):
    • If the patient has a specific complaint, an examination cannot be postponed, or if they require a check-up with indications from a specialist doctor.
    • If the pre-screening questions asked by the receptionist about the patient's symptoms produce a negative response.

If the pre-screening leads us to suspect a coronavirus infection, then we can only provide an online internal medicine or pediatric medicine consultation. We can only offer an appointment for a consultation with a specialist if these conditions are met. The decision regarding an appointment for an examination is made by the internist or pediatrician.

There are three possible outcomes based on the online consultation:

  1. The patient can visit the clinic in person, as we have excluded the possibility of the coronavirus.
  2. The patient should not come to the clinic, and should speak to the specialist through an online consultation. In this case, the specialist will also discuss the possibilities for a face-to-face visit, as well as the potential consequences of not attending any examination.
  3. If we suspect the patient might have the coronavirus, we can provide online care and will also recommend testing. 
  • Surgery, procedures, screening tests and laboratory tests are only carried out if they are urgent and cannot be postponed. The specialist is responsible for these decisions. With regards to vaccinations, we are currently only providing compulsory vaccinations for children under the age of two.
  • For further information, please contact us via our central phone line or via email:

+36 1 392 0505

info [at] rmc [dot] hu