We are available to help you and your family! | Rózsakert Medical Center

We are available to help you and your family!

  We are now able to offer a comprehensive range of healthcare with the strictest possible safety procedure in place. Our healthcare services are available face-to-face or through an online consultation. We have several different options for our patients.​


  • Telephone and video online consultation

We provide our patients with professional online healthcare through a video or telephone consultation. Online consultations are made by appointment and are thoroughly documented. We will also provide any technical assistance when needed.

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  • Face-to-face consultations and available specialties

We can receive patients face-to-face at any time. We are now receiving patients for non-urgent cases. All our healthcare services are now available.

At the same time, in certain cases we will still insist that the care process begins with an online consultation. This is the case for internal medicine and pediatric consultations, or if the responses to our epidemic pre-screening questionnaire means the patient is not able to come to the clinic.

We are also offering appointments for screening tests, including executive health screenings, gynecological screenings, urology screenings, mole screenings, dental check-ups, pediatric health maintenance consultations and mammographies. These services will be available from 18th May.

In addition to compulsory vaccinations, optional and seasonal vaccinations are now also available for children and adults alike. Plastic surgery is now once again available. For face-to-face care, RMC's specially developed epidemiological procedure continues to be strictly applied to ensure the highest level of protection for our patients and staff.

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  • Dentistry

We are treating patients at the Dental Center using the highest level of safety equipment. Treatment for fillings, lost teeth and cavities are once again available as part of our dental care. We can also treat gum-related problems (bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums). In addition, we are receiving patients for orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatment.

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  • COVID-19 tests

At RMC, we carry out both PCR tests and IgG/IgM (serological) tests. The PCR test can show us if someone is currently suffering from the coronavirus. The serological test can tell us if someone has already had the virus and has now recovered, even if they did not experience any symptoms. Before the completion of the test, our doctors speak to the patient via a telephone or online consultation and discuss what kind of test they need and what results to expect. If a patient doesn't have virus-like symptoms and wants a PCR test because they need it in order to be able to attend an examination, have surgery or for an official certification, they can request the test and test results without the need for a medical consultation.

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  • Epidemic procedure and employee regulations

To ensure the highest level of safety for our patients and staff, for the duration of the epidemic we have implemented our own incredibly strict procedure, which applies to all our services and clinical care. To learn more about the rules that we have created for your protection, please follow the link below: https://www.rmc.hu/en/article/our-new-service-model