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RMC Online Clinic

We established the RMC Online Clinic a few years ago so our patients could still access medical care, even if they were too far away to attend the clinic in person. Now, in light of the coronavirus epidemic, we have made a wider range of services available in this format. This means we can often offer comprehensive care without patients having to leave their home. With many medical issues, we are able to assist patients through an online video or telephone consultation and e-prescriptions. This method of treatment is convenient, safe, thorough and easily accessible. If needed, we can also offer technical support prior to any online consultation.


Online medical consultation and advice are available for the following specialties:

(For further details, please click on the name of the specialty.)

Adult specialties:

Pediatric specilaties:



  • Online consultation: If the entire consultation can be completed online (including online prescriptions)
  • Online advice: When care cannot be provided (in full) online, but where the patient can talk through and discuss things with a doctor. Online consultations are made by appointment and are fully documented.



How do we decide when we can provide care online, and when the patient needs to visit us in person? You can find further information about this question and the prices by following this link: NEW SERVICE PROCEDURE  

We provide healthcare for our patients in the safest way possible. Online when we can, in person if necessary. We will look after our patients and our staff!