RMC COMPLEX DIET PROGRAM – directed by Dr Éva Bajnok, specialist in endocrinology and obesitology (weight loss) medicine | Rózsakert Medical Center

RMC COMPLEX DIET PROGRAM – directed by Dr Éva Bajnok, specialist in endocrinology and obesitology (weight loss) medicine

Our complex program is designed for people who want to lose weight with the assistance of an expert team and constant support. This weight loss program is directed by our specialist in bariatric (weight loss) medicine, Dr Éva Bajnok. Our patients usually meet with Dr Bajnok, though she works alongside an expert support team who all work together to help you succeed. Our patient coordinator is always available to speak to our patients and will also help you in the hardest part of the program – maintaining the positive results.


About our expert team:

  • Our team includes a specialist in bariatric medicine, a dietician, a psychologist and a patient coordinator
  • If you have an underlying condition or conditions, the relevant specialist may also join the program, e.g. a diabetologist, cardiologist or rheumatologist
  • The program can be enhanced with additional services such as psychological support, massage, and acupuncture.
  • We have established a partnership with the nearby Korona Fitness so our patients can exercise there


Who is this program recommended for?

  • If you want to get rid of excess weight
  • If you have an underlying illness or condition such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease or diabetes
  • If you have been unable to maintain weight loss and would like a support team to help you reach your goal
  • For anybody who feels that the program could help them reach their ideal weight


The program has four phases and lasts a total of 60 days.


  1. Preparation phase
  2. Intensive phase
  3. Hard work and perseverance phase
  4. Conclusion, evaluation


  • Weight loss specialist
  • Dietician
  • Psychologist
  • Patient coordinator


Program details:


Telephone appointment with the patient coordinator

  • Details about the first medical consultation
  • Information about the screening test
  • Diet and exercise diary sent via email

Complex general screening package + TSH test

  • Recording of weight and diabetic history
  • Physical examination
  • Weight and measurements, BMI classification
  • Resting ECG
  • Lab tests: basic metabolic panel (BMP) + TSH test

60-minute consultation with a dietician

  • Evaluation of the nutrition diary
  • Basic advice given based on the nutrition diary
  • Food preferences: what do you like to eat and how can it be integrated into your diet plan?

50-minute psychological evaluation

  • Mapping out reasons behind weight issues
  • Help with setting a realistic goal
  • Advice on mental preparation

60-minute bariatric medicine consultation

  • Evaluation of screening test results
  • Create personalized diet plan
  • More tests and consultations if necessary
  • Determine weight loss goals and schedule
  • Determine nutritional needs
  • Summary given to the dietician concerning the intensive phase
  • Advice concerning an exercise plan (how much and what type of exercise is needed to reach goals)

30-minute consultation with a dietician

  • Sample meal plan (five-day plan, repeated three times)
  • Training

Patient coordinator appointment

  • Introduction to the follow-up system



Short online/telephone consultation with the dietician (max. 30 minutes)


30-minute obesitology medicine follow-up on day eight of the intensive phase

  • Weighing and measurements
  • Discuss experience so far
  • Determine nutritional needs for the next phase
  • Summary for the dietician

60-minute consultation with a dietician

  • New meal plan created for the second phase
  • Training

Weigh-in appointment with a nurse

  • Weigh-in with the patient coordinator the day after the last day of the intensive phase


Choice of extra services:

Intensive phase at the Spirit Hotel Therma Spa:

  • Two or three weeks’ relaxation in a luxurious environment, total concentration on achieving your weight loss goals with expert assistance on hand
  • Our specialists will be in constant contact with the hotel’s expert team, ensuring a fully supervised, personalized program

Spirit Hotel services:

  • Day 1: N20, ES-TECK and Arteriograph health checks
  • Day 2 and Day 7: Two 30-minute consultations with a physician
  • Day 2: 30-minute consultation with a physical therapist
  • 60-minute motivational training (six times during a two week stay, ten times during a three week stay)
  • Medical consultation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Nutritional advice
  • Tailor made sports program
    • Nordic walking
    • Speed fitness
    • Flabélos
    • Water gym
    • Spinning
    • Bicycle tours
    • Personal training
    • Yoga
    • Keep fit
    • Exercise with weight machines
    • Morning run
  • Selected tailor-made treatments
    • Vacustyler
    • Ice sauna
    • Celloderm
    • Medical wellness weight loss wraps
    • Thali’sens magnesium wraps
    • Colon hydrotherapy
    • Ear acupuncture
    • Homeopathy
    • Stabilized oxygen steam bath
    • Airnergy
  • Sensolite
  • BEMER magnetic field therapy (8-20 minutes)


Medical consultation content:

  • Determining the type of weight loss plan, taking into account any existing illnesses
  • Creating a treatment plan tailored to your needs and selecting nutritional supplements

Nutrition consultation content:

  • Personalized meal plan created by the RMC team with a daily calorie and nutrient intake, in cooperation with the Spirit Hotel culinary team.
  • Four specially tailored meals a day at a reserved table in the restaurant

Physical therapy advice content:

  • Creation of a personally-tailored, high-intensity interval training plan



  • Follow-up telephone appointment with the patient coordinator during the third week
  • Weigh-in appointment with a nurse during the fourth week
  • Weigh-in appointment with a nurse during the fifth week
  • 30-minute bariatric medicine appointment during the sixth week
  • Short online/telephone consultation with the dietician (max. 30 minutes)



60-minute bariatric medicine consultation

  • Weigh-in, evaluation of results
  • Determine next steps
  • Re-calculate calorie needs
  • Follow-up appointments for any related illnesses or conditions, if necessary
  • If goals have been reached, determine follow-up needs

60-minute consultation with a dietician

  • Tailored recommendations on creating a new meal plan (diet adjustments, revise nutritional needs)
  • Diet to maintain weight loss