Our new service model | Rózsakert Medical Center

Our new service model


Pre-triage refers to a preliminary screening that allows us to identify patients visiting us in person who may be carrying the coronavirus.


  • telephone pre-screening
  • completion of questionnaire at reception
  • taking of body temperature

(If the patient has someone accompanying them, that person will also have their temperature taken and be required to answer the pre-screening questions.)


  • We do not accept any patients without an appointment.
  • We are no longer only taking on critical examinations.
  • We are now offering appointments for screening tests: 'manager screenings', gynecological screenings, urology screenings, mole screenings, dental assessments, pediatric health maintenance consultations (well child care, school physical, etc.) and mammographies.
  • We can once again provide plastic surgery.
  • You can also make an appointment for orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry treatment.
  • Our services related to well-being or lifestyle, such as massage, chiropractic treatment and face-to-face Body Shape consultations, have also resumed. 
  • For pediatric care, we have separated healthy children from sick patients not only in terms of time, but also location.
  • A parent may participate in the examination (as guardian).
  • We will also be able to offer vaccinations for children older than two (including optional vaccinations such as the FSME tick vaccination and Mantoux PPD tests).
  • Children under 2 no longer need to complete the two-phase medical online visit.



We have further developed and expanded the list of specialties that can be accessed online. We have also ensured that almost all our doctors are now able to receive patients online.

Our main objective is to provide professional healthcare to our patients via the internet. Where possible, we would like to provide a comprehensive medical consultation online. If this is not possible – because the medical specialist believes a face-to-face consultation is needed – we are still able to receive patients at the clinic with the highest level of safety and in line with our strict clinical procedure.



COVID-19 tests are now available: PCR test and serotological test. A PCR test enables us to tell if someone is currently suffering from the virus. A serotological test is used to tell if someone has previously had the virus and has now recovered, even if they did not experience any symptoms.

To perform the tests, the patient should first have an online internal medicine consultation (except for PCR tests required for an examination or certification). In this case, our internist decides whether it is appropriate to perform the test and, if so, which test is required.


  • Patients should keep a reasonable distance from each other (at least 1 m) when waiting in the clinic.
  • All our patients are required to wear masks. Patients arriving to our clinic without masks will be provided with surgical masks at reception.
  • Use of hand sanitizer is compulsory at reception.
  • With children, we will ask them if they are able to put the mask on. If they say are willing, they can put the mask on (usually this works with children aged around six and above). If they do not wish to wear the mask, we will not force the issue. Parents must wear a mask. With very young children, we kindly ask parents to cover the baby carrier with a cloth.
  • Aside from during the necessary physical examination, we will continuously maintain a distance of one meter from the patient if possible. We continuously ventilate the examination room as far as possible.
  • We also continuously ventilate the common areas, in the interests of which the third-floor terrace door is open, but the terrace space is out of bounds.
  • We comply with the intensified official cleaning requirements set out in response to the pandemic threat.
  • Our employees also work in compliance with strict safety rules and wear the mandatory personal protective equipment. They are also not permitted to work if they are showing symptoms of illness.