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Coronavirus - our service model

Dear Patients,

RMC successfully migrated to its new service model introduced in response to the coronavirus epidemic. We are providing healthcare for our patients in line with this model.

We stand alongside the people and our patients, as well as our colleagues struggling heroically in the state healthcare system. At the same time, we also have the utmost responsibility to our patients and staff to ensure we are able to provide healthcare with the highest possible level of safety.

The new service model has been shaped by our expert team of doctors specializing in infectious diseases, internal medicine and pediatrics. As an outpatient care center, our goal is to provide healthcare for as many people as possible in the present circumstances. We will do everything we can to ensure our patients and members of staff enjoy the highest possible level of safety and that we can have a positive impact on the development of the epidemic.


What do we mean by online if possible, in person if necessary – in the safest way possible?

Below we have provide a summary of what this means. Please call our central telephone number for further details.

  • Initial consultations can only take place online with an internist or pediatrician.
  • Whenever possible, we will offer complete consultations online, if it possible to do so. In this case, it will not be possible to have a face-to-face consultation.
  • For most specialties, face-to-face consultations are only possible in the following circumstances, providing all of the criteria are met:
    • If the patient has a complaint, an examination cannot be postponed, or if the patient requires a check-up with indications from a specialist doctor
    • If the pre-screening completed with the receptionist is negative (questions on symptoms)
    • If the screening test is positive, then we can only provide an appointment for an online consultation with an internist or pediatrician. We can only offer an appointment for a specialist consultation on these conditions. The decision regarding an appointment with a specialist is made by the internist or pediatrician. There are three possible decisions made by the internist or pediatrician:
      • a face-to-face consulation is okay, the patient can come
      • The patient cannot come to the clinic, consultation is only possible online
      • The patient must go to hospital

If the doctor decides that only an online consultation is possible, the specialist will discuss with the patient about when they can come to the clinic, and what the implications are of the fact that a physical examination is not currently possible.

Surgery, procedures, screening tests, blood tests and vaccinations: only if they are urgent and cannot be postponed. This is decided on the basis of a face-to-face consultation or an online conversation with the specialist.


RMC Online Clinic: Where possible, we will provide professional online consultations for our patients as follows.

  • Online consultation: If the entire consultation can be completed online (including online prescriptions)
  • Online advice: When care cannot be provided (in full) online, but where the patient can talk through and discuss things with a doctor. Online consultations are made by appointment and are fully documented.


Coronavirus advice service:

  • Expert medical advice
  • Management of underlying health conditions for the duration of the epidemic
  • Mental crisis center with psychiatrists and psychologists

Under the professional guidance of a specialist in infectious diseases, the internal medicine and pediatrics team will hold regular online professional consultations to ensure that the latest international and national recommendations and experiences are immediately applied to our care.


We will take care of our patients and we will take care of our staff.


More details about our new service model >>


Click on the following link for our video message about the "new clinic" we've established in response to the coronavirus epidemic: