Cannula implantation | Rózsakert Medical Center

Cannula implantation

A cannula is a thin plastic tube placed in the central vein for the safe administration of infusions and blood products, as well as for taking blood samples.


Why is cannula implantation carried out?

The objective is to ensure that a vein is constantly accessible so that medicated solutions, infusions, blood products and formulas can be administered without obstruction. It is also suitable for blood testing and cell therapy procedures. It is safer to use a central venous cannula, as this makes it possible to administer medication without being dependent on whether or not the vein is able to receive an injection or infusion at a particular time. It can also help avoid the harmful effects of strong medication on the veins of the arm, as the active material of the infusion is instead transferred to a large central vein, where it immediately mixes with the blood.


How is the implant inserted?

The patient receives a local anesthetic injection and the treating physician then carries out the procedure on the side of the neck. In some cases, a thin plastic tube is introduced into the vein in the area below the collarbone. The cannula is secured to the skin with stitches and then covered with a special bandage. The correct position of the cannula is verified by an X-ray examination.

To avoid complications, we usually use ultrasound targeting for implantation.