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BODY TREATMENT PROGRAM – directed by Dr Kitti Farkas

As well as Dr Kitti Farkas’s personalized program, the program also features a product line developed by a Swedish research team that makes losing weight easier. These products are only available to participants in the Body Treatment Program.


Who is this program recommended for?

  • If you’ve tried lots of diets without success
  • For both men and women
  • For teenagers
  • For expectant mums and breastfeeding mums

The program begins with an initial consultation, where:

  • You receive a multimedia booklet containing all of the materials for the program, with a diet plan, recipes and an exercise program
  • BIA body mass composition assessment completed with Dr Kitti Farkas
  • Advice to customize the program to your needs


At the consultation, you can also purchase the MedWay Diet products available with the program.

You can return for a BIA assessment and advice at any time during the program, while you can also continue the program online.

Further information: