60-day lifestyle change program | Rózsakert Medical Center
60 napos életmódváltó program

60-day lifestyle change program

Long-lasting and effective weight-loss is only possible through a change of lifestyle. Our expert in bariatric medicine, Dr Éva Bajnok, is here to help with an easy-to-follow program which is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight and maintain the results.


Content of two consultations with bariatric medicine specialist Dr Éva Bajnok:

- Initial consultation, tests and advice with bariatric medicine specialist Dr Éva Bajnok (first session)

- Evaluation of test results, start of diet (second session)

- Program materials:

  • information and consultation materials with concrete guidelines and tips
  • easy-to-follow and tasty diet with recipes


Our patients can also add further optional services to the program according to their personal needs: customized diet planning with a dietician, psychologist, training program and personal training with our partners, masseuse, regular check-ups