At the Rózsakert Medical Center, we work to keep people healthy every day. We encourage a healthy lifestyle for both our patients and staff. We’re a close group, we love working as a team and we spend a lot of time together outside of working hours. Now we want to join together in the name of a good cause.

In February of this year, we decided to join together to help people in the name of health. We decided to take part in the Bátor Tábor Foundation Élménykülönítmény initiative. By November, as a group we will run a minimum of 10,000 km to help the Bátor Tábor Foundation, which provides activity camps for children with serious medical conditions.


How can you make a donation?

  1. You can leave a cash donation in the collection box at the cash desk in the clinic, which we will then pay into the Experience Division account.
  2. Via our Élménykülönítmény profile page: https://elmenykulonitmeny.hu/en/jotekony-sportolo/rozsakert-medical-center/


How can you find our profile?

  • Go to the elmenykulonitmeny.hu website
  • Write the following into the search bar: ‘Fut az RMC’, then click on the profile
  • Press the ‘support now!’ button
  • Choose whether to make a donation by credit card, bank transfer or check
  • Complete your details and click on the ‘donate!’ button


You can make donations of any size. The full amount goes directly to the Bátor Tábor.


We are very grateful for any support we receive!